How much is the app?

It’s free… but we have to invite you!


How do I log in?

You will get a unique login password that you can change after your initial log in.


I can’t remember my password!

There is a link within the app on the login screen, otherwise drop us an email on help@getintoapp.com and we will send you a replacement.


Do I have to connect to my social networks?

The short answer is no, but connecting and posting will help both of us grow!
The INTO network is based around word of mouth recommendation in the social media space.
Of course we never post anything without your express consent.


Where are INTO offers available?

In Sydney, Melbourne, Munich. London and soon more vibrant capitals like New York, LA, Paris, Milan, Tokyo and more. Stay tuned.


Can my friends get access?         

To keep our community exclusive we only allow users if they are signed to an agency.
Into users are models, bloggers, actors, celebrities, artists, chefs, athletes and musicians.
We know that exceptions prove the rule. We know that talents nowadays, especially bloggers and social media influencers are able to manage themselves.
So please get in touch with us if you’re signed with an agency or not – we promise to get back to you as soon as we can.


Do I have to post my experience on social media?

No. This is a free place and we want it to stay that way.
But we value quality experiences in the city and your independent voice.
If you make noise in your very own way for our business partners, this will help us to maintain quality offers for you.
Help us – help you.


Will you post on my behalf?

Absolutely not! We want your content to be original just like you are!


The app keeps crashing.

Try to double tap on your iPhone home button and close the app. Then restart the app.
If the app is still crashing, please get in touch with us via help@getintoapp.com - we will try to fix the issue asap.


If you couldn't find the answer to your problem here, please send an email to help@getintoapp.com.
NOTE: Into only supports iOS 7+